Learn, know, recognise, and appreciate it, tame it and it will build, ignore, misuse, abuse, abase, disrespect it and it will unleash self-destruct and unleash same on those around.
The woman is a very precious being, beautiful, highly influential and a pull of dynamic forces that does inspire as much as it is intoxicating. A channel through which life is born, a nurturer of life from infancy to maturity. An illuminator of the softness of man as male. A laurel craved by many mighty, great and small men.
Perceived by many as glorious, and by much more as dangerous, cruel, dark, wicked. But in kindness she excels, an emblem of gentleness, a whirlpool of energy. Deep in imaginations. Woman is just a dynamo.
God saw a need, a vacuum and thus created her as a round peg to fit a round hole. By her advice, many have built and yet by her advise, many have destroyed. She has been christened ‘the weaker vessel’ but how weak is she really? Why is she blamed by many for most woes? Why can she help a man’s destiny and the same time be blamed for the destruction of many men’s destiny. How come strong men fall for her and many never rise again from her? Why does she bear many blames for something’s that a supposed ‘weaker vessel’ should be incapable of doing?
Let us take a cursory look at some of the charges laid against her, is she guilty as charged? What good does she hold for us, for our race? Is she really a necessary evil as some have called her? God created everything and saw all that He had made and they were very good. (Gen. 1:31). Woman was created by God and thus is ‘good’ why then is she associated as evil? Although even man is subject to some of these accusations as much as she is, but herein the subject of our examination is her for now.
What about her? In some critical moments when man chose to follow or yield to the suggestions of a woman, he and the woman, including their world have been greeted by some expensive troubles. Adam adhered to the advice from Eve, ate the fruit, the result was death for all humanity the consequence of man’s disobedience. Abraham listened to Sarah and the result was Hagar’s seed. Jacob listened to his mother Rachael and Esau’s birthright was stolen and enmity born between them. He ran all his life until he encountered God and decided to face his fears. Ahab listened to Jezebel and Nabbot was slain. If Pilate had listened to his wife, Christ would not have been crucified and salvation pushed far.
Woman was made out of man, while he was already on earth. So that earthly mentality. Wanna solve a problem from a worldly perspective? Seek her advise. But to solve it in an everlasting way, listen to the Everlasting; God who has always spoken to man through His Spirit in the cool of the day. Listen to God and to your inner man; men. The times that man listened to God and to or through the inner man of the spirit, the results were remarkable solutions to problems. Though in some cases painful. Adam listened to God and the garden was kept; no sin. Abraham listened to God and Isaac was born. Noah listened to God and saved humanity from problem caused by ‘the sons of God’s lusting after woman; the daughters of men. Abraham listened to his inner man and out of fear instructed Sarah to agree she was his sister and not his wife, they got into trouble, but God saved them by speaking to pharaoh’s conscience and reason, no bloodshed. Isaac did same thing and God still delivered him. It has always taken God to save man from the problems he caused by himself, with reasoning and without blood, but has taken man’s life for God to save humanity from the problems caused by woman. Blood being involved.
It took shedding the blood of Jesus for the problem of death, separation of man from God, caused by Adams yield to Eve’s advise to be solved. Even in our time from history, laurels for wars fought and kingdoms conquered had in most cases been an adorable woman. Even the scripture says; a good wife is among the blessings from God, (a gift from God) to a man that fear Him. (sirach 26:3,14) Proverbs 12:4 These points are not to discredit woman or debase her, but to state explicitly by examples the immense power of a woman. If untamed, she can cause severe harm, but when tamed and cuddled with love and care not sparing the rod too, her powers can produce goodwill.
A display of some powerful principle of successful business, is shown in scriptures, in the practice of the harlot. (proverbs 7:8-22)
It is my humble submission that a study and understanding of a woman and her ways, may be helpful to run a successful business in the world, she carries within her the wisdom way of the world.
   To my friend, Godfrey Nwankwo, this one is for you……

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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