Sometimes I forget to say hi
Sometimes I forget to reply your messages
Sometimes my messages don’t ever get to you
But it doesn’t mean I forgot about you….
Sometimes I whisper your name when  all I want to do is scream
Sometimes I listen more to my head more than my heart
Sometimes I pretend to smile when all I want to do cry
I smile and seem carefree,
it doesn’t mean I forgot about you…..
Sometimes i try to show the scars
Sometimes I want to be alone and loose control( the right way of course)
Sometimes I remember the pain, and wish it will make me feel better
Sometimes I fantasize about my prince charming coming to save me from the high tower
But it doesn’t mean I forgot about you….
But that’s only sometimes.…Most of the times, am happy and thankful. Not always wishing but always grateful for everything, including You!.
Most times, I just miss you.

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