Humans are custom-built for change. And to change does not always mean you have to become someone else. Learning the three reasons you end up in chains when you refuse to change isn’t optional, and it means adding on or adjusting something that already exists. Folks who go around boasting about how they can’t change end up in chains. You can recognize a man who is not accustomed to change by his level of ignorance. He has long arms that pat himself on the back when criticized for wrong or biased judgment.

Resisting change has its revenge. Change is life. At any time, at any age, we can change. When we refuse to change our opinion or give room to fresh perspectives, we end up like concrete – all mixed and permanently set.

Postpone your resistance to change for these three reasons.

  • The Past Would Become The Future

Frequently tricky situations happen in life to set us straight. But, when we fail to learn the lesson behind every problematic situation, we set ourselves up for a replay. Life lessons tend to repeat themselves when we fail to learn and change our perspectives. People who don’t learn from their blunders don’t grow—men who do not know their past break up their future.

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There’s always a way out. But those who fail to learn will never see a way out. The sentiment that the past can become the future aspires to common sense. It is hard to disagree with. In the history of humanity, conflicts are resolved when the other surrenders to a fresh perspective. Every individual who fails to accept change ends up as a failure. We are all subject to this advice.

You end up in chains when your future becomes your past.

  • Your Future Gets Stuck

The future sometimes appears slim. But, you can begin to understand that it’s through failure that we truly learn to achieve success. Be careful how you talk to yourself. Whether you like it or not, you are listening, and what you hear will determine if your future gets stuck or gets moving. The sooner we stop making our past our future, the easier it will be to see it.


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You might be convinced to keep doing what you’ve been doing. After all, no one said the change was going to be easy. Please don’t. If you keep doing that, you’re creating more problems for your future self.

Quit allowing the way you do things in the past to interfere with the opportunities of today. God created one of the reasons yesterday to prepare us and teach us how to respond to future occurrences. The past isn’t meant to make our future stuck. It only happens when we fail to change. When your future is stuck, you’re in chains.


3 Reasons Why You End Up In Chains When You Refuse To Change
             It’s time for a change!
  • You Stop Learning

Change is hard, I know. Yet, its time for a change!

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You can change with the times and take advantage of new opportunities. Or you can fight the changes and patiently watch your life perish.

Learn to adjust yourself to change and be quick to correct what isn’t working in your life and around you. It is more expensive to keep doing the same thing repeatedly. The result will always be the same, and you will never grow beyond your limits.

You can adapt to win by learning or adjust to failure by refusing to learn.

The world is changing every minute, channeling new opportunities in our direction. Only individuals who adapt to alter will seize life’s many opportunities.

Are you one of them? Are you open to positive changes? Or are you willing to remain in chains?

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