Most Of Our Strength  Lies In Our Scars.

Internationally Sought-After Life Coach, Emotional Recovery Therapist and Motivational Speaker

Whitney Edna Ibe is a professional emotional recovery therapist, business development strategist and counselor. As a life coach, she helps and encourages people to make successful changes in their lives. As a counselor and emotional recovery therapist, she develops practical and strategic steps that will help people define and achieve their goal(s). She develops therapeutic processes for combating fear, depression and trauma. She also provides support while building confidence and developing high self-esteem in individuals and corporate bodies.

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Let’s Get Started

$100 – 38,000 naira

Three one hour sessions
Flexible time frame
Two months duration

Let’s Make a Change

$150 – 58,000 naira

Let's make a change
Six one hour sessions
Three-month duration
Flexible time frame

Individual Sessions

$27 – 10,000 naira

Individual sessions
One hour session
Twice in a week only.
Flexible time frame

Let’s Make a Difference

$200 – 75,000 naira

Weekly one-hour session
Unlimited text/ email support
Flexible time frame
Four-month duration