Man is the most powerful being amongst all the creations and certainly the mastermind behind all the changes that can be recognized on the earth’s surface. Male and female they existed with clearly spelled out differences in terms of their structure, conduct furthermore even the roles have been continuously established hence the two sides receive characteristics over time. It is through the characteristics that the two souls can be judged from similar angles.

Without a doubt, the differences have been clarified and in most instances proven to be true while some characteristics have proven to remain unfathomable with no trace or clear explanation on how it came to the human’s mind of existence. Though some considered it as just a belief, the impact remains a scar that will be forever be written in our hearts.

Superiority has always been a burning desire in man’s life and the desire has continued to burn more intensively even now more than ever. In the past ages, the male has always been considered as the powerhouse, as his dominance over the man that is the female side not only written in books of history but the impacts is still a reality in the millennial society.

As the head of the house and family, unmatched respect has been given to him and at the command of his voice silence evades the rowdy rooms in the society. On the other hand, the female side has lived to be ensnared into the laws or rather the norms of the society which has lived to be of value over time.

According to the recent data, the 21st century has come to prove the power of change as a result of the unity between many nations on the rise to support the female right gender from the so-called abuse. In Kenya, the 2/3rd gender rule division has been the cry from across as the implementations rise in many organizations.

Nevertheless, this has still not affected the masculine male power even as the female has been and remained vocal in recent times. The equality which was once a dream has continued to knock at the door of the very many nations as the feeling of neglect to the male side already looms around due to overemphasis put on female rights.

Being male has made me realize one thing, we always house an inbuilt pride that we’ve failed to put away, this is our nature, a part of us that we can not run from. Being entangled in the situation has continued to lead to our fall as silence has become our hope and home. I get a chance to face the powerhouse and give a question as to why the silence then the answer remains why should we, we are strong, we are men, sisi ni wanaume the common Swahili say.

Trying to understand this leaves me with an unsatisfying reason as to why we cling to the silent character, it is a male character that has been preserved and becomes our normal as we have naturally been made:
⚜️Hard-the physicality
The common characteristics, so we tend to ignore the dependence need, believing that we can do it alone a common stand-out shout we possess.

The irony behind our words is that we feel that our path is rooted in that direction yet we are breaking down, down towards our lowest limits. We have continued to build on the pride and harbored on failure as we have rejected our situations and as a result continued to hunt down for answers. Where will we get the answers yet the answers are already at hand, we are blinded by our ego.

Our secrets are driving us to our graves with depression termed as a male disease. Suicide has become a new normal in town as we lack alternatives due to a lack of acceptance. But when will we ever learn this, no…no…no…when will we ever accept what we’ve learned? Is there a crime in releasing our emotions? Ooh!Men when will we choose to leave the wilderness and hit the road towards Canaan.

Truly there is pain amidst our silence.

Maxwell Gad.

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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