Introduction to the act of intercourse To dive

Introduction to the act of intercourse
To dive deeper into the depths, while understanding keenly the benefits as well as the disadvantages of sexual intercourse. The first and foremost thing that we need to do is to stop labeling it “as a gigantic enigma” rather than consider it as a fundamental part and parcel of our lives. Leaving behind the preconceived notions that we have been holding for so long that we have been battling against the squalor of life where beneath it all lies the desire for love and companionship.

You all would be very much aware of this term “transmute” which simply means the process of changing or transferring of one element, or form of energy into another”. Due to the repeated ignorance on this subject, proper awareness has not yet been able to be inculcated in the minds of people. It is not the image that we have simply created in our heads from the start “as of typically being an act of physical contact” instead it is a reality of the state of mind.


Liberates the mind and awakens it:

Most influential stimuli to which the mastermind responds speedily steers up the higher vibrations of one’s potential of creative imagination, gusto, and that which uplifts the being by giving rise to the sixth sense of creative imagination.

The natural pain killer that provides a youthful glow:

The urge and the act of sex possess the indispensable power to activate the feel-good hormones (endorphins and oxytocin) that further relaxes the mind from clusters of grief and anxiety, enabling it to let go and release the trash of the mind completely.

Boots productivity to another level:

Research, history has proved time and again the men who have attained massive success have been of highly sexed nature like- Napoleon Bonaparte, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare. As the mere possession of the urge won’t make all the difference until and unless it is transmuted to elevate it to the level of wisdom.

Creation of antibodies:

Encountering the act once or twice a week leads to the formation of antibodies called “Immunoglobin” that protects the body from becoming the victim of severe infection, reducing the risk of prostate cancer and even contributing to the growth of new nerves.

Well, are you astonished by getting in terms with the reality of the act that we considered as abnormal to this date?

Mindfulness & Sex

  • Proven by studying the unique relationship between the two concepts of meditation and sex.


  • People who meditate regularly can experience solace, inner peace, and stability as meditation takes us into another world of eternal sweet silence.


  • It allows them to completely stay in the present and enjoy sexual satisfaction and sexual self-esteem.


  • Making you less distracted.


  • It prevents energy to ensure that we embrace the divine gift of every moment while considering our body like a temple embedded by the soul which is a theorem of eternal love.



Draining energy creating nothingness:

Besides keeping you fit, content at the same time performing it regularly can make you feel fatigued or completely exhausted along with which it has adverse effects on the body.

Leading to vaginal infections:

The women who have too much sex undergo “vaginal excoriation” which is scrapping of the vulva skin during penetration that occurs due to excessive amount of friction which can cause burns and swelling as well in women.

Sore penis and infection in testicles:

The extended manual stimulation promotes the rise of infections, soreness and men feel themselves to be in a state of drowsiness.

Spread of Sexually Transmitted diseases:

The unfavorable reaction between vaginal fluids and condoms leads to the spread of “STD” for both of them and ultimately low libido.


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  • vaginal and penial soreness is mainly doe to lack of lubrications. lack of natural lubrication in the woman is due to lack of proper foreplay. in the man, there is no natural lube and he should use some sort of artificial lube. if both the man and woman suffer, then inadequate foreplay and or artificial lube was not used. and yes, some sort of rest period should also be done. ? and maybe during that rest period, some other sort of sexual play that does not really include penetration could be done. ?

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