Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

How can this be?
Having gone through the long list
Of all the wrongs I have committed
I thought I was guilty
It should have been me
I haven’t been compassionate
Haven’t cared at all
Had master’s in anger
A PhD in unforgiveness
Ever protective of everything
But never careful about anything
What kind of grace is this?
I should be​… No, I must be made to answer for my wrongs( so i thought)
I sinned…He didn’t
Why did he have to pay?
Still don’t get it?
My heart is in a thousand pieces
Yet again, I am having another thought
Maybe He does love me…”Of course he does love me
How do I explain this amazing grace?
Mum always says “He’s slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sins….
It’s all beginning to make sense now
I didn’t meet all the requirements to be forgiven
Jesus did all that on my behalf
I know am forgiven
I am not ashamed anymore
It doesn’t matter what happens now
All I remember
All he said was “If you love me, don’t let go. You are free”
I am not letting go
“Not Guilty”…..
I came home to meet this note on my bed. It was drafted by my little God-daughter( scattered, I had to​ put them together). I still can’t comprehend how she came up with these words… She’s just 12years old.  What wrong could she have committed at age 12?( Smiles).
Well, my precious baby I know you will read this sooner than later, just know am very proud of you. More grace I pray for you.
This reminds me of a song by  ” Mandisa- Not Guilty”

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