There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’.
There’s just ‘us’!
Stop the #stigmatization.

There is still far too much stigma around mental illness.
Still a sense of “us” and “them”.
This is a fallacy of course, but one that too many people continue to buy into.

Stigma is a major obstacle to treatment among people struggling with a mental illness.

Mental illness has no respect for social class, intelligence, money, appearance, or personality.
It can and it will touch each of us.
And yet, for a set of conditions that are so very common, there is still far too much stigma surrounding it.

Perhaps you will personally experience a diagnosable mental illness, or perhaps someone you care about will. There is a possibility that both will happen before we get to the end of our lives.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got to understand that there is no such thing as ‘us’ and ‘them’.

In Western nations, one in five people will have a #mentalillness across the course of their lifespan.
What this means is that, statistically, it is incredibly unlikely that any of us will get to the end of our lives without being personally touched by mental illness.

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The type of disorder experienced will vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and cultural background.
Some people will experience short-lived illnesses and others will experience episodic illnesses from which they never fully recover.

Currently, only about half of all people who experience a mental illness receive any kind
of intervention––evidence-based or otherwise.

The good news is, every one of us can help when it comes to breaking down the #stigma and prejudice associated with mental illness.

You don’t need to work in the area of mental illness to make a difference.
It’s about recognizing that mental illness is something that any of us can experience.

Create the #awareness and stop the stigmatization. All we need is love and for that, we have each other.

Blessings and Love ❤️

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Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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