My very close female friend whom i love dearly shared her experience with me on why we need to pray for our children. She revealed to me that when she wanted to leave her home town (Osun state in Nigeria) for the city (Lagos state in Nigeria) the parents kicked against it, saying she won’t make it on her own, she is not old enough to make wise choices (she was 25 years at this time), her dad made it clear to her that she was on her own. The morning she was to leave her parents could not even say goodbye much less pray for her. She was determined to go find her place in life and fulfill her purpose here on earth. So, she left anyways. On arriving the city she struggled, she fought and just couldn’t break forth. She continued to push, relentlessly without fear of breaking down. Two years after she left her village, she lost her mother but couldn’t travel because she could barely make ends meet but something happened that changed everything.

Her dad picked up the phone for the first time in three years and said to her “My daughter, how have you been? After their discussion, he what he has never done. “He prayed for her.”  Beloved fans that was the turning point in her life. A week later after her dad prayed for her she got a call from a company where she submitted her CV and was told no vacancy, that she should come pick up her appointment letter without going through the rigourous test of getting interviewed. As a matter of fact she was asked “Where have you been? We’ve been searching for you all these years”. Shortly after that she met her man and today she is happily married with three beautiful children.
I know many may say it was just coincidental, well personally i don’t think it was. As parents the words that comes out of our mouth can either make our children or mar them. “Our prayers are part of God’s miracles”. When we pray for our children, God walks miracles through it. There shouldn’t be any limit as to how often we should pray for our children. God has big plans for our children and for every time we pray for them, God connects us to his divine work in them.

To us mothers, the pains of child bearing is enough to remind us how important our children are and how we need to stand by them especially in the place of prayer. I don’t think i want to stand back and see any of my children derailing. Do you? It’s not an easy job i know, that’s why we need to stay connected to God at all times. We are fighters and warriors don’t let their guard down especially in the battle field. The world we live in today is a battle field and only the bravest survive.
Don’t say because your child is sturborn, disobeys you, probably “brings you shame”, you won’t pray for them. Pray for them, its your responsibility and they need you regardless of what you think they’ve done or who they are. Don’t leave your responsibilities to the nannies,teachers, ect. Wondering what you should pray for? Pray for them to be strong and healthy, to love God, to know Jesus and love him more each day, to sense God’s plan for their lives early, to avoid hurtful life choices, to remain spiritually strong and in God’s word, to meet their spouses at the right time, to be kind, fair, just, honest, loving, caring, understanding, wise, fulfilled, respectful and many more.
Our prayers are rich blessings to our children. Never stop praying for your children. God bless you….

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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