Saying I'm Sorry… Difficult?

There are people in life that will never apologize no matter what you say or do and there are people who would not stand to see another get hurt. There are also people who will never admit they were or are wrong, as long as they are concerned they are always right. They are pumpous, egoistic, overconfident, self-acclaimed perfectionist, and so on and so forth. If they offend you and you expect them to apologize, then you must be willing to wait all seasons because they won’t. Why is this so common today? I can’t seem to get my head around it. 

Relationship are not devoid of such persons, there are people that have lost good relationships, marriages, careers, assistant, all because they could not say “I’m sorry” when they did something wrong. Let me ask, does it mean when we apologize for a wrong done we loose our dignity? Do we loose our self esteem? Do we appear weak? Does it change who we are or what we are? Do we need to wait for people that offended us to apologize before we forgive them? I know the scriptures in Collosians 3:13 ” Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.”
We do not need to wait for people to apologize before we forgive them. If we are dealing with people with these traits, if they offend us then we must learn to forgive them without having to wait for them to apologize for it will take eternity for them to forgive. 
I have come to realize that why some people never say i’m sorry is because most people don’t like to be wrong or even admit to be wrong. They believe if they admit to be wrong, they become inadequate and to me this is crazy. No one is perfect and as such wrong is inevitable. One of the essential ingredient of learning is being wrong and apologizing makes us decent and not weak. People are afraid of taking and accepting their responsibilities and so they would do anything to avoid the burden of being saddled with being wrong. Only very few people realise the importance of saying i’m sorry and they learn from it for a life time.

People who find it difficult to say am sorry are less sensitive to the needs and emotions of other people. They are selfish and should be pitied. I know that apologizing is not a natural thing otherwise we would see animals apologizing to one another, it needs to be taught. We need to teach our children to apologize when they do something wrong or offend anyone otherwise they will grow up and see apologizing as a very “Difficult” thing to do. 
Don’t be afraid of your inadequacies, let go of fear, realise it’s not always about yourself, admit when you need to, acknowledge the potentials of others and the fact they can fall short as well. #itsnotalwaysaboutyou.

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