Anextraordinarygirlinanordinaryworld, saying thank you will never be able to express how i feel right now. Thank you for a being a part of this journey and am sure together, we will all make the world a better place. Thank you for nominating me for this challenge, I’m truly humbled, never stop dreaming. 
 The quote i love the most is;

The first time i heard this quote, i was 15. I was supposed to receive a birthday present from my dad ( a wrist watch precisely). I really needed the watch because everyone in my room in the boarding house had a wrist watch that either their mother or their father gave them and i wanted one too (youthful exuberance). That night, i didn’t receive any and rather i got a new pair of shoes.  I was so angry that i didn’t eat dinner nor speak to anyone up to the following day. The only thing my dad said to me was ” never allow what happened yesterday to make you forget about today”. He didn’t say it exactly the way Will Rogers said it but they bear the same meaning. Till date I never forget this quote and no matter what happened yesterday, i have never allowed it take up today. I live by this quote everyday. It reminds me that every new day is a gift and needs to be unwrapped with a smile. 
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. Weedjee
. The Chicken Grandma

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