In life there are some things that are said and there are those that are better left unsaid while our feelings are left to tell the better tales . Some of us have finally gotten our lives right just the way we want it to be. A steady job, wonderful family, successful careers and children, and so on and so forth. Many others are still struggling to find their feet, some can barely figure anything out, talk about humiliation and pain? Many have seen the better side of it. 
Jasmine thought she had everything all figured out. Perfect relationship, Perfect career, perfect home, perfect illusion as well but all these were before she found out that her perfect man was having an affair with the sister. Yet, she remains addicted to him.
Mrs Charlotte thought her service and dedication to God would make the life of her children better. All she has ever wanted is to see her children drawing closer to God, “her perfect addiction”. But this was not the case. Her son just got sentenced to five years in prison. Upon that God has decided to bestow upon her the presence of her husband who left her to raise the children all by herself​ for all these years. He’s always resentful, moody, with a lot of issues. She has always been a fighter, perhaps one of the very best. How else did she get through these years by herself? She continued to remain addicted to God and her faith.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to someone or something we love especially when we have built our world around it. How do one say goodbye to something he/she has begun to love and care about and even he addicted to without relapse? How do we show the ones we love that we do love them even though we may be struggling without making them feel abandoned?  I guess there’s really no easy way out right?

Let’s also look at being addicted to sin. Many believers are still struggling with being addicted to sin. Not only son,many struggle with cocaine, alcohol, sex, pornography, gambling, overeating, anger, fear (especially fear of the unknown). Some has even lost their identities. Many of us have lost relationships, loved ones, family, careers all because of one addiction or the other. How do we get over our addictions as believers and as individuals? Personally, i got so addicted to eating and watching a movie at the same time. I would not eat if there’s​ no movie to watch. It got so bad that i was diagnosed with ulcer because I wasn’t eating well much less eating right. It took years of medications and monitoring from my doctor who is late now( blessed memory) to get me back in shape. This, Jasmine and Mrs Charlotte are but a few others that struggle with addictions in their lives.
Apostle Paul in ” Romans 7:15 (KJV)  For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.” He explained how he struggled with his weaknesses. He found himself doing the things he doesn’t want to and the things he wanted to do,he just couldn’t do them. We can not overcome our additions on our own. We need Jesus, He desires to help us and believe me he is more than able and he is absolutely willing to. He has never failed and he won’t start with you. Imagine the God of the universe who created the entire universe, including everything in it.He knows all the stars by their names, he can account for every strand of hair on your head, do you think there is anything too hard for him to do? I don’t think so! 

It’s funny how you know you are allergic to something yet you crave for it, the way a deer pants for water in the streaks of tigers. It’s obvious we have no strength of our own but we are strong when we have the Holy Spirit working in us. “We are not fighting for victory, we are fighting from victory”. Christ is our victory and with him on our side, we remain victorious forever. Remember, if your hand, leg, will cause you to sin and be unhappy, please cut it off. Its alright to have your weaknesses but do not let it define you nor substitute your happiness. You can do anything you set your mind on, all you got to do is trust God and believe in yourself.

It’s ok to let go if its not ok.


Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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