Do Men Cry?……..

Funny pics right? Yeah I know.
Today, something really amazing and weird like this pics happened. I caught my dad crying, he never cries and if he did it was never in front of me or my siblings. He always puts up this Macho Stance all the time and that made us believe he can’t and will never cry.
For him to do that today, then he must have been filled with so much powerful emotions that he just couldn’t bottle them up anymore.
Social standards, obligation, egoistic tendencies have really forced men into believing they cant or are not supposed to cry. Even when they want or feel like, they just can’t. They believe it would be embarrassing and unmanly thereby portraying them as being weak. Is this really true? Is that why they hide their emotions and tears?
Ok, let me ask this. ” What will happen when a man cries before everyone? Would he stop being a man? Would he suddenly become weak? Would he become less of a man?
The role of a man from time immemorial has been to provide, protect and profess (3 p’s). Men are wired differently, they have a higher threshold for grief than women. We just don’t get to see it more often. For a man to cry about something, then it must be significantly painful.
Women on the other hand cry more often than men. It is not their desire to do it openly but their hormones are quite different and they haven’t mastered completely the ability to hold back their tears. This doesn’t in any way make them weak. They are by far the strongest being on earth, some may not believe this but it is the truth( this would be the topic for another day).
Men have been told from childhood that they are not meant to cry. It doesn’t mean they can’t cry, rather they suppress their emotions and I imagine how painful it must be for them. How on earth are they able to suppress all that emotions? How can they act like nothing happened? Like they are not hurting just so they won’t be mocked by their fellow men, who suppress their own emotions by systematically ridiculing other men who cry?
Does it mean when they cry, they can no longer suppress those emotions anymore? NO. Is pride amongst the reasons why men believe they can’t cry in front of others? I believe when a man is quieter than usual, then something is wrong. Pride, ego, lack of trust may not allow him to open up. But if you are sensitive enough, you should know that is the time he needs someone around. He is definitely battling with his emotions, probably suppressing them. But if you get close enough he may open up to you and this won’t happen at the snap of your finger. He needs to trust you, the moment this happens, there would be no need for him to hide or suppress his emotions around you.
“I imagine how painful it is, walking around with suppressed emotions”.
Men have always cried and will always do. John 11:35 ” Jesus wept” If the saviour of this world could cry, then we are not exempted. No matter how men believe they are meant to be stoic at all times, they are human and every human cries. You may not see them cry in public but they do. They hurt as much as we hurt, they feel pains, rejections, sorrows just like every woman does.
When a man cries, there is something awfully wrong somewhere…Please give him your attention. You could be saving a life.

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