The quest for freedom has left many asking; How simple is our freedom?

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So, a couple of days back I had some of my students come over to the house. The lockdown has kept me away from many of them and I needed to rekindle our relationship and spark up more flames in them to be zealous and determined no matter what. As we chatted, one of my student who I considered reserved said, “When I grow older, I want to change my sex and become a man.” Everyone was taken aback at her statement. I wondered why on earth would a beautiful, smart, intelligent young lady make such a question. Well, she had witnessed her mother give birth at home due to poor access to medical facilities the lockdown brought. Despite all efforts, the baby died. The pains and depression she felt have made her believe being a man is more simple and easy than being a woman.

No one said being a woman is easy, but being a man isn’t a walk in the park either. My student is within her right to desire a sex change. According to her, it appears easy and simple to do. And in the words of Mark Joyner “simplicity is freedom.” But is our freedom really that simple? And does changing one’s sex organ change who they’ve been created by God to be? What has been happening in our society, is that people are trying so hard to change their designs for one reason or the other. It appears normal and sane since we’ve all got our rights as humans and citizens to do whatever we desire with our bodies.

However, we shouldn’t confuse numbers with normalcy. Abnormal acts have become the new normal. Immorality trends and makes major explosions across various continents. Today, there are women who desire to be men and would do anything to see it happen. And there are men who want to be women. The fact is no matter how many sex change one engages in, you don’t have the power to change your nature. Every individual’s nature is inborn. Man’s insatiable needs, the quest for freedom, life’s challenges, and irregularities, have left many living static lives in which they don’t know their purpose.

Imagine a bicycle saying, “I want to be a car, ” and trying to function as a car. The bicycle won’t work. Bicycles and cars are different because they have different functions. Although their differences make them valuable, a bicycle can never do the things a car can do, no matter how related they are or how much they feel about each other. We need to understand that males and females are all part of something bigger, called man. Yet they are different because they have unique purposes.


Your nature
Still, confused if you’re a male or a female?

If you’re still not sure that you’ve been created to be a woman, God has provided you with beautiful physical evidence for you to see. If you’re born with a female reproductive system; no matter what happens to you, you’re a female. And if you’re not born with a female reproductive organ, you’re a man. You see, how you feel or whom you chose to sleep with doesn’t make you a man or a woman.

Your feelings about your sex won’t bring dignity to that which is considered unnatural. For the fact an act is deemed simple and normal doesn’t make it free or right. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you’re something you’re not. If many of us are abnormal, chances are we will think we are abnormal as well.

Every man is built by God for a purpose. The male is designed to provide seed for procreation. If you’re still not sure if you’re meant to be a woman, check and see if you can produce sperm for procreation after your sex reassignment surgery. And please note that whether you can climax or ejaculate doesn’t change who you’re created to be.

Yes, some are born with hermaphroditism. And according to Dreger, Alice Domurat (1999); clinically, medicine presently characterizes intersex people as having disorders of sex development. A situation where the testicular and ovarian tissues are both present in the same individual. But our focus is on those born with one sex organ. If you’re born with a male organ, you’re created to be a man. Whatever gender you’re born with, embrace it, and fulfill your true expectation.

If you’re struggling to accept your gender, seek wise counsel. Look for a godly group with godly values and support systems to talk and pray with if you can’t pray on your own. Having operation and changing your sex organs does not rewrite your nature. It’s like have a liver transplant but you’re still who you are meant to be. If a female receives a male liver, she still remains a female.

God is beautiful and so are all his creations. He never makes a mistake, he certainly won’t start with you. Let’s appreciate our creation as males and females, designed specifically for God’s love and his purpose in this world. Your struggles, challenges, difficulties, confusions, disparities, gets easier with him in the picture. Stop leaving him out of your affairs. He’s interested in you.

He loves you. ❤

Blessings and Love

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Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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