The Place Of A Woman….Her Desires!

My Sunday school teacher often say that a woman’s place is “In the kitchen and in the other room”. Well, biblically Yes. He says it with so much authority and fire in his eyes like he’s about to light up the entire Street ( Smiles).
After service, I had a chat with some ladies both singles and married. From the single sisters I deduced that they are so scared of getting married for fear of being subjected to modern day slavery as they called it.
Maybe it’s the way the Sunday school teacher communicated it to them, leaving them more worried than eager to find their missing ribs. For the married I could deduce that many of them were already subjected to it and had little or nothing to do about it. Is marriage really a modern day slavery?
Why are people scared of venturing into it? The ones that do often times do it for the wrong reasons. I don’t think it’s modern day slavery. Do you?
When studying the role of the wife in the Bible, it is very important that we understand how God designed the family unit to be. There are ranks as described by Christ, the husband, the wife, and then the children. You would not expect to walk into a lecturer’s office and be greeted by the doctor, measured and weighed by the receptionist, and then treated by the nurse. Right? There are certain orders to things because that’s what works. It’s the same way with God’s design in the family is. It works smoothly, when done His way. Every thing can go wrong with just one little mistake and it will take a long while to get it together. Often times, we just never do.
Proverbs 31 also speaks of the role of the wife in the Bible. We learn of her worth to her husband and family, how she cares for those who need her, how she provides for her family, protects them, and shares her strength with others. She fulfills her responsibilities with grace and strength. We also learn that a wife is a blessing to her husband. She is worth more than rubies! As women, we are expected to follow her example by living in the wisdom of God.
As women, is our place in the kitchen and the other room alone? Is that all we are worth or is there more? Of course Yes! There is more to us. But that doesn’t mean as women, we should contend with our men. They are our lord, heads, and should be treated as such. God expects us to submit, respect and always support and pray for them, Vice-versa.
      A Real Woman’s Desire! ( Uzo’ s Tale)
She desires a man who could help her fry the chicken and peel the potatoes or just help her with the dishes after she had worked just as many hours a day as he did. One who knows how to do the laundry and help around the house. A man who loves, respects and adores her.
A man who didn’t depend on his Mommy to turn his bed down and tuck him in every night till he was married at 40 years old cause no one else would tolerate him due to how his Mom ruined him, all in the name of pampering him.
She desires a man who knows how to take care of things by himself if she or one of the kids get sick. Or if he sees how tired she is from a long day at work and pitches in with dinner and dishes or homework for the kids. She understands the power of her words as well as her silence. She also understands that she has to take care of him physically, mentally, and spiritually.
She desires to have a husband who knows how to help out when things get hectic. She doesn’t want no Mama’s boy who can’t even wipe his own butt without help finding the toilet paper. She knew what she wanted when she got married and he has been there a thousand times over for her and their kids. He prays for her and the kids and provides both spiritual and physical needs. Thats what a REAL MAN does. 
Its called a relationship not a rely-on-me-ship. She didn’t set out to marry no little boy and he didn’t set out to marry some lazy slob. She wanted a REAL MAN and he wanted a real woman. She tells him all the time how loves and appreciates him for being a REAL MAN in their family. He also lets her know how much he loves and appreciates her. Thats how a relationship works.
A real woman can do it all by herself..A real man won’t let her.
” I desire a REAL MAN.”
What’s your desire, despite cultural beliefs and traditions?
Do you just believe as a woman your place is solely in the kitchen and in the other room?
Do you believe God created you for a purpose?
Is that Purpose solely child bearing and cooking?

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