“My fears became smaller, and I began to see the world differently. I love my brothers, but I’m in love with my man. And tonight, I’m switching lanes.”

Have you ever had that brother who breathes down your neck every now and then? Watches your every move, follows you to every dinner date, and of course reminds you every second, how much he loves and want to protect you? I do. Not just one brother, but two. They rock my world and as annoying as they are, they are priceless. I couldn’t have asked God for a better gift ?.

My brothers have a got a huge heart, but sometimes being the sister to two big brothers who are men of the house can be too much to handle, especially when they feel and believe they are always right. I am the younger sister to Casey and Malcolm. Having two elder brothers and no sister is harder than most people think, but it can also have the greatest advantages.

Annoying, loving and highly emotional are just three of many qualities I believe best describes my brothers on a day to day basis and it kind of makes for a fun relationship. Not to worry, I didn’t forget to mention their macho stance. They’ve got enough of it too. Casey is three years older than I am and I can boldly say he is my biggest protector.

Malcolm, on the other hand is reserved but would break a neck when it come to protecting me. They both know how to infuriate the crap out of me. “I’m her big brother, and nobody else gets to punch her” Malcolm said to the boy who tried to bully me at school. I felt like an eagle instantly, but it didn’t change the fact that I wished they could let me breathe on my own.

Mom says I can’t be alone. Dad says I need my big brothers. No one has ever stopped to ask me what I needed. Sometimes, a girl just wants to be heard. That notwithstanding, we play and fight all the times, and they would never stand to see me cry. They keep me on my toes and life would be pretty boring without them around.

I can be an emotional wreck at times. Being a girl is hard, but being the younger sister to two big brothers is harder. I can go from smiling to crying in a twinkling of an eye and you would think, I’m about to fall apart. Funny right?
I’m twenty one years old and I’m beginning to stand up for myself. Most part of my life has been lived under the shadow and the watching eyes of my big brothers, but everything took a different turn the day I met Jesse and I am not scared to switch lanes now.

For the first time in my life I could defend what I feel and wanted. I could tell my brothers to let me breathe on my own and I wasn’t scared of what it meant to say that. Jesse changed my life forever. I met this wonderful man on my way to college. We’ve been together ever since and it’s been the best six months of my life. Our relationship started a bit rocky, because my brothers wouldn’t lay off his back as they’ve done to every male friend of my life. But this was different. Jesse was willing to stand up for me and he never disrespected my brothers and I loved him more for that.

We grew from not seeing eye to eye on almost every issue to not only trusting each other but gaining faith in each other. We became each others strength. Growing up with my brothers taught me what it truly means for a man to stand up for the woman he loves and I prayed to God to help me find a man like them. My prayers were answered. Jesse is more than a dream come true, and more than my prince charming. Every minute spent with him is priceless to me.

I constantly get butterflies in my tummy when he’s around me. My ears tingles when he calls my name. Girl… this boy had changed my life without even knowing it. I feel love and it feels so good. I’m doing well in school, my parents and brothers are happy with him. My attitude to life and all it brings is positive. He listens to me even if what I have to say doesn’t always make sense (every woman would understand this), he always has something good to say in every bad situation.

He’s not only my best friend, but also the most understanding person I know. He treats me like a princess. We do have our ups and downs, but we never let the sun go down on our anger. I feel so blessed to have him. This love is new, young, fresh, exiting but I am willing to see how far it goes, even if it means switching lanes for a while ?.

You see, in life, there would always be people that would walk in and out of our lives whether we like it or not. There would always be happy moments, sad tales, sleepless nights and gory details to forget. But, there would come that one person that would come into our lives and change everything. They become the center of your world, and you would do everything to keep them even if it means, “Switching Lanes”.

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Blessings and Love ❤️?

Photo Credit: Alex Iby, Gift Habeshaw

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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