In a society constrained to specific social standards, reprimands those who do not conform to such principles. In the process, a supreme truth is revealed unveiling the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of societal ideology.
Talking to strangers…..
Parents always tell their children to not talk to strangers. But, Is this something they should be telling them? or do the parents have to be less ambiguous? I know there are risks involved especially when they speak to the wrong people. “Are the dangers more than the advantages? I don’t know, just asking!Also goes into my life experiences…
My parents always told me to not talk to strangers. Yet as a little child, I would go up to random families and hang out with them for a while. My parents always were worried that I would be stolen by someone or thought the wrong principle about life. Yet I never was. I know that children are sometimes stolen because they are over-friendly but, is this always the case? What about cases when the child doesn’t speak to the stranger and still gets stolen?….”My thoughts actually!”.
I met a guy named Segun while waiting for a vehicle at Yaba after my lectures. We both had an interest in books and suspense filled movies. During the hour waiting period for the vehicle, we became friends. And he was a total stranger before this incident. Now months after the meeting, Segun had become one of the closest friend that I will ever have probably. He helped me get through my confused feelings especially over some fiction filled books, and he was there as I was going through thoughts of handling my projects. Out of the few friends that know about my projects, he is one that regularly check to see how I am doing. I can’t wait to see him again later on this year as he ties the nuts( gets married) to his life long dream.
It is a comfort to know that you have a friend who will listen to what you have to say, and not judge you at all. Segun taught me that strangers aren’t all bad( I know there are still some bad eggs out there). That they can turn into the best of friends, and all it takes is a simple ‘hello’
Parents tell their kids to not talk to strangers. I think they need to be more specific and less ambiguous. They really mean to say, ‘Don’t talk to older people that you don’t know.’ Really parents? Can’t you be specific? Please?
I’m going to end on a note that I already stated: ‘What is a person but a stranger before a friend?’
“Society is a masked ball, where every one hides his real character, and reveals it in hiding.”
   -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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