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Today, I will be writing about how to be free from the grip of Satan. How to be free from the devil controlling your life and having a grip on it. I would also recommend how to stop the enemy from taking possession of your life. But first, you must understand that Satan is not innocent, God is not guilty, and you are not worthy. When good things happen, we take the credit, when bad things happen we blame God. Somehow, Satan manages to hang out in the Bahamas, goes on a vacation, takes a chill pill and never responsible for anything in the midst of it all. And, we constantly remind ourselves that we don’t deserve God’s mercy and grace.

Have you ever been in the presence of God and still found your thoughts running wild? Well, Judas did.
Did you know that Satan entered Judas during communion? How, you ask? It simply means that you could be in the most sacred moment in the life of Jesus, be among the first communicant, not the first Passover, but the first communion and have Jesus give the communion, not your bishop, not your pastor, not the prophets, but by Jesus Christ himself and right there in the communion, with the power and the glory of God present, and still be used by Satan. You can also be one of the disciples of Jesus; associate with the right crowd, participate in ministry, and still be used by Satan.

How could he do that, if Judas associated with Jesus and was always with Jesus? If you read the Bible carefully, you will see this; Judas always referred to Jesus as a “teacher”, never as a “master.” Other disciples called him master except Judas, who called him, “teacher or rabbi.” If you want to be protected and be free from the devil’s grip, Jesus cannot be just your rabbi. He can’t be a motivational speaker, teacher or figure from history. He has to be your Lord and personal Savior. Whatever fear, weaknesses, you have for submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is demonic because Satan would do worst than Jesus, if you feel Jesus is worse-off.

Jesus doesn’t come to hurt. His lordship and yoke is easy to bear. No one can commit sin without Satan and no one live holy without the Holy Spirit. The first sin, humanity committed; Adam had no flesh to deal with because he was perfect. He had no drug dealer’s friends, no peer pressure. Adam had no problem on the outside, but the Bible says, there was a serpent in the garden who tempted Adam and he committed sin. Understand, I’m not saying Satan would be responsible and bear all our guilt of sin in hell. What I’m saying is that as Christians, we’ve got to understand that Satan many times “puts.”


The Bible says that he “puts” in the heart of Judas, he “puts” in the heart of Peter so he can deny Jesus. He also “puts” in the heart of Ananias and Sapphira so they can sin against the Holy Spirit. Satan is not innocent, God is not guilty, and you are not worthy. I want us to glorify Jesus with our lives, and put him in the center of it all.

Let me tell you something about a thief. A thief doesn’t care about your Zara hat, your old tennis boot in the closet, the scarf you bought from your old favorite store. A thief is after the valuables in your home. He only wants the items that would be valuable for him to posses. He’s going to keep searching till he finds them.

A smart thief sits by the side of your home for months. He would watch you leave for work every morning. He would monitor every move you make. Take note of your lapses, your strength and all you possess. He knows the time when your valuable things are not being guarded and that’s when he would move in.

The Bible doesn’t give us too many detailed description about Satan, but there’s one thing it does tell us about him in John 10:10 – It tells us he’s a thief. A thief comes not, but to kill, steal and to destroy. It gives us a secret, passes us an idea that he (Satan) works in the same approach as thief does. And just as the creeps, the thugs that works in the streets, Satan doesn’t just come to steal anything from you and me that isn’t valuable or precious.

He doesn’t really care about your health, job promotions, finances or your ministry as much as you think he does. I know this may shock you and that’s okay. I need you to understand that he attack these things in your life, then uses them as an avenue to get to our priceless possessions we hold.

The church is up against major spirits of darkness. Understand that Satan is smart. We need to guard the channel from where the supernatural flows in us. Satin does not let us feel the effect of his violation overnight. As Samson walked that same road (Judges 14:8-9) he walked few weeks earlier, he looked over and saw the carcass of a dead lion.

He looked over and saw a great, big, beautiful hive of honey just dripping from the carcass and he bend over and scooped some honey and ate and took some to his parents. He ignored the warnings of God, not to touch nor eat anything dead. Samson began to compromise. And it wasn’t long before the glory of God left him, all because he did not guard the channel where the supernatural flowed from.

There’s nothing in this world that is worth the power of God being cut off from your life. There’s nothing I would let go of or exchange for the power of God resting on my head. With God we have the power that exist like nothing else in this world. We have a revelation, an understanding unlike nothing else in this world.

Here is the key to preventing the enemy from having a grip over your life:

. Submit to Jesus as your Lord: freedom doesn’t come because you accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour; salvation does. Freedom comes when you submit to Jesus. The Bible makes me to understand that where the Spirit of God is, there’s freedom. Satan does not respond to Jesus as an insurance card; he responds to authority in the name of Jesus Christ. When you have authority of Jesus Christ in your life, Satan reacts to that.

The problem with many of us Christians today is that we receive Jesus as a spare tire and we pull him out when things are hard. We receive Jesus as an insurance card and flash him out when faced with damages. Jesus Christ is not just my Saviour, he is my Lord, regardless of my imperfections and unworthiness.

“Make Him yours today, and see the difference.”

God bless you.

Cued from Grace for Purpose.

Blessings and Love ???

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog), Flyhiee.com, The Social Talks, Penprofile.com, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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