Lights Out…….

The last time I heard the word “Lights out” was in my high school days. I attended a boarding house where rules are never meant to be broken. Once it was 9pm the house leader anounces lights out. Every thing you were doing or was supposed to do at that time must be stopped, and you are expected to be in bed. Even if you are not ready for bed, you must sleep. This was very annoying.
My body became programmed to sleeping at a particular time. If it wasn’t that time i just won’t sleep. After high school, it took a while before my system could adjust to sleeping without being programmed.
Yesterday I heard the words “Lights out” again and it brought back memories of my high school days. Sleep is a powerfully alluring gift of nature. Oftentimes, sleep is likened to death because you are oblivious of what is happening around you. It is also compared  to getting lost in a deep, dark forest, one that we are naturally drawn to, one that we can never resist.
Sleep comes to us as a great relief from our hard and painful daily routine. In our selfish craze for more and more material gain, we start work from dawn to dusk without resting. But when sleep approaches us, we find ourselves submitting to its sweet temptations. Soon we step into an unknown and mysterious dreamland. Although some people don’t like to sleep for fear of nightmares, but nevertheless we cannot resist it can we? It is also a natural cure to our miseries and fatigue. We put the lights out and enjoy a peaceful slumber.
A large number of people sleep less than six hours each night, and 75 percent of people encounter sleep difficulties a few nights a week. While a short-lived insomnia should not be of much concern, chronic loss of sleep can lead to a myriad of health problems ranging from high blood pressure, weight gain, low immune system and ect. The importance of sleep can never be overrated.
. Sleep helps in promoting a healthy brain that functions properly and emotionally stable. When we sleep, the brain is able to commit new information to the memory via a process known as memory consolidation. Studies have shown that individuals who slept after learning a new task performed well in tests than those who did not
. Sleep helps in determining our mood. Loss of sleep may lead to irritability, lack of concentration, impatience, and moodiness. Inadequate sleep can also make one fatigued and unable to handle their normal tasks. I don’t function properly if i don’t get enough sleep.
.Sleep tends to give us safety and alertness when performing different tasks. It also Improves cardiovascular health.
There are things that tends​ to frighten us, but we eventually get used to them and are able to deal with life as it comes. For me, the words Lights out scared and angered me so much. The moment we are able to step out into the dark, all we need is a moment to get used to it. Once we do this, we will be able to see more clearly and face the road ahead. Lights Out could be applied in various spheres and works of life, not necessarily only going to bed. It doesn’t matter what you are scared of today, brace yourself and face your fears ” They are nothing but force experience appearing real”.
Am not saying its going to be easy, am saying we will never be completely safe in life because we really do not and cannot know for sure what is coming except we have Jesus in us. He alone knows our fears, worries, tomorrow from yesterday and with the confidence of who you have on your side, take a step and find yourself becoming better at dealing with things, including the dark.

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