Ofego told Akpos that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret and that this makes it very easy to blackmail them by saying; I know the whole truth. 
Akpos decided to go home and try it out. He got home and ran into his mother and said; Mummy, I know the whole truth. His mother quickly handed him 500 Naira Note and said; Please don’t tell your father. When his father got home from work, he worked up to him and said; Daddy, I know the whole truth. His father quickly took him aside and gave him 1,000 Naira Note and said; Don’t tell your mother please. 
Wow! Amazed by this, he ran out to meet the Gate Man and said; I know the whole truth. The Gate Man quickly dropped the padlock and embraced him tightly and said; Thank God you have known that i am your father. 
Akpos fainted, the gateman laugh and say”idiot boy you think say na only you get sense”…

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