It’s indeed a crazy world we live in. Every one seems to be running on a high speed and patience is the word most dreaded today.

Everyone seems to be pursuing what they don’t have and in the process of doing this they loose themselves. Others are busy chasing valuables, assets, possessions, treasures, and in the process  loose their  time.  I dont know any one who wouldn’t want to get the best of life and life fully. So, why the rush? Why so much craziness?
Many still haven’t got it right or achieved that set goal even with all the rush.

Our children today thinks growing up is fun and so they are in a hurry to grow up. This reminds me of my kid brother while growing up. He was asked by his teacher when he was born and he replied 1949. The teacher was astonished and asked to see my mom. When my mother was asked why her 8year old son would say he is 68, said probably he heard it from his elder ones.  When my kid brother was asked why, he said “I want to grow up quickly and do the things big people do”. This scenario hasn’t changed as I’m pretty sure it’s still happening amongst our children today. They all want to grow up quickly. I ask again “why the rush? How crazier can it get? Who is to blame? The society? Parents? Churches? Religious leaders? Media?

With all our rushing and craziness, we have failed to rush for the things of God. We can rush to work so we don’t get to work late and risk being fired but we can take our time to get to church because we know our God is merciful. We rise up early to prepare our kids for school but on Sunday mornings we tell them to sleep a little longer church is just around the corner. We are in the mess we are in because we keep leaving Jesus out of the picture in all our pursuits and things keeps getting crazier. How much crazier do we want it to get before we do what is right?

Teenagers believe getting a job is fun and so they do anything to get the job and stay on top. Morality, fidelity, hare work, sincerity, honesty and caution are thrown to the wind. Adults on the other hand thinks earning lots of money is the key but very few are committed to any endeavours. The middle aged and old ones think retirement is fun and yet barely very few live long enough to enjoy their retirement benefits.

Living life is fun and shouldn’t be pressured. If you must rush anything, rush to know God and find favour in his sight. One day of favour from the Lord is far better than ten years of labour. The scripture in Mathew 6:33 ” Seek ye first the kingdom of God…..
Why struggle when you can pray? The past should be a learning experience not an everlasting punishment. What’s done is done. Rushing and constantly going over the ordeals you previously faced will only be a burden in your life. Take one step at a time and trust the Lord to enlarge your foot steps so feet will not slip ever again. Psalm 17:5.

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

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