​🏡 Lt. General Tukur Buratai is the darling of our nation. He was turned inside out in the thorough process used to check out the President’s men. He was given a clean bill of integrity. 
🏡 General Buratai inherited a Nigerian Army that had been labelled cowards. He pumped renewed energy into the Army and turned the Nigerian army into the brave, courageous and gallant Army we see today. 
🏡 But it’s not just insecurity that he is battling. He is also fighting a negative campaign against him. He is leading Nigeria towards winning the war on terror. Over ten thousand Nigerians we did not know were in captivity, have been rescued. Many IDPs have returned to their ancestral homes. The faceless sponsors of Boko haram are not going to fold their hands and do nothing and let Nigeria win. 
🏡 Many Nigerians were sad over the revelation that the General and his family acquired “Homes” in Dubai, but there’s no need to be or join in the aspersions by those who do not have all the details. Yes, the details about Timeshare.
🏡 Let’s begin with holidays. Most Nigerians do not go on holidays. Those who do, go on shopping sprees. Not proper holidays. On London’s Oxford Street, Bond Street, Petticoat Lane Market, etc, Nigerians on “holiday” could be easily spotted dashing from shop to shop, stressed out with shopping. 
🏡 These would normally, for the period of their “holiday”, live with a family member of friend in London. Only a few stay in hotels. 
🏡 But the Americans, Britons, Lt. General Tukur Buratai and his family, etc., go on proper holiday where leisure and pleasure are the reason for leaving their homes. These people are the ones who, in order to save cost, invest in Timeshare. 
🏡 Timeshare — a way to own A PIECE in a vacation property that you can use, generally, once a year — 
The property is not technically yours. If you book to holiday in October at this property, and you elect to turn up in August, unannounced, this property would likely be occupied by another family. There are many conditions attached to “Owning” a Timeshare. 
🏡 There are basically, four types of Timeshares
1. Fixed Week: The buyer usually owns the rights to a specific unit in the same week, year in and year out, for as long as the contract stipulates. There is predictability. 
🌇 With a fixed-rate timeshare, the “owner” can rent out his block of time or trade with “owners” of other properties. This type of arrangement works best if you have a highly desirable location.
🌇 Floating: The buyer can reserve his own time during a given period of the year. This option has more freedom than the fixed week version, but getting the exact time you want may be difficult when other shareholders snap up many of the prime periods.
🌇 Right-To-Use: With this arrangement, the buyer leases the property for a GIVEN AMOUNT OF TIME each year for a set amount of years. The DEVELOPER still maintains OWNERSHIP of the property, however.
🌇 Points Club: This is similar to the floating timeshare, but buyers can stay at various locales depending on the amount of points they’ve accumulated from buying into a specific property or purchasing points from the club. The points are used like currency and timeslots at the property are reserved on a first-come basis.
🏡 Unlike a vacation home which may be vacant part of the year, you only pay for what you use. It could be a week, two weeks, a month etc. 
🏡 If you like predictability, you have a guaranteed vacation destination.
🏡 Many people buy timeshares for the opportunity to exchange or trade units with other owners, allowing each one to experience a different place in the world every couple of years. 
🏡 You can also rent out your timeshare if you do not plan on using it that year and save the money for other things. Having control of your timeshare allows you to decide who rents from you and it also allows family members or friends to take advantage of your timeshare.  
🏡 A timeshare takes care of itself. Annual maintenance fees insure your timeshare and resort upkeep and any repairs that it may need. Your fees also pay for on-sight management and insurance so there is always someone looking after the property, which cannot be said for vacation homes or condos that may sit vacant for months at a time.
🏡 Hotels are great for some, but anyone who has traveled with a large group of people or children can tell you that the accommodations are not ideal. Staying in a nice hotel is expensive and adding extra rooms compounds the cost so that a week in a hotel for a family of four can quickly climb into the thousands of dollars. Timeshares are most often modelled after two bedroom, two bathroom condos and include a living room, laundry and fully stocked kitchen which can cut out costly restaurant dinners every night..
🏡 This is an idea many Nigerians who truly want to enjoy a holiday should explore but be warned that scammers abound in this deal. 
🏡 Let’s all focus on Our brave, gallant & courageous soldiers. Support them. Pray for them
God bless Nigeria
God Bless us everyone
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