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Write a post to show your award.
Give a brief story of how your blog started.
Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
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Couple of days ago,my friend Shattered in Him nominated me for this award and I was speechless. I wasn’t expecting it considering the fact that my blog is relatively new and there are amazing and stellar bloggers out there. I accepted the challenge because I want to use this medium to express my gratitude,appreciate and acknowledge those who read,comment and like my blog post. I would also like to appreciate those who heartily pour their heart out through writing with the aim of affecting lives. More feathers in your cap.
A Brief History Of How I Started My Blog                                                                       October 17 2015 gave birth to my blog. In my short life,I’ve taken up and dropped a lot of vocations and hobbies.I have been hurt,broken,rejected,lost it all but none of them has molded my person,given me as much freedom and fulfilment and brought me influence and stability as blogging.I found relieve knowing that I could write with ease and peace.I became a big fan of blogging and I love to write. Nothing can measure up to the joy of knowing that the little thing you write and share is affecting another persons life positively. I love to learn new things and blogging is about sharing what you know and what you see and I took up the responsibility of sharing what I know and see and hope it affects the person reading it positively from the other end. I love to push myself to be resourceful,I try to envision and create beautiful things I want to see in this world and when I write I imagine better,create ideas that challenge norms and share my genius with others.
   Advice To New Bloggers                            
1.Be passionate about what you write,No matter what anyone has told you in the past,you can still make it. Everyone has a specific sweet spot find it and use it. If you speak to your audience in the language they use,you will have the best chance of standing out in a crowded virtual world and claiming your own spot as a thought leader.
2. Be real and blog about your personal experience. Don’t just rehash what someone else is blogging about. Don’t give up. 99% of people give up before their blog ever gets to that point. Its going to be a lot harder than you think,specifically the consistency part of it but remember only the ones who succeed are simply the ones who keeps doing it long enough.
. I thank God for using you Shattered in Him, to touch my life,may you forever remain in God’s blessings and may you continue to be a light in peoples lives.You are kind,You are thoughtful and appreciated.Thank you so much.
My Nominees                                                    I may not be able to list everyone that has touched my life with their blogs and if you dont see your name be rest assured that you are loved and appreciated now and always.                                                           1.Girl,Scientified
2.VanessaxGrace                                                 3.Antony Taylor                                                 4.Martins                                                            5.Marie Hunter Atwood.                                  6.TalkaholicMe                                                  7. Whippetwisdom                                           8.Rolerror                                                             9.thechickengrandma                                      10.addienorth                                                      11.spearfruit                                                        12.Eritalk                                                              13.koolkosherkitchen                                      14.kellynickerson                                              15. Nkemlove
Thank you all and God bless you

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talk, and She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation. Whitney is a full-time Inspirational Blogger and Writer making a living from this new and active medium. I'm also an author and speaker. She started Whitney Ibe blog in 2016 after she stumbled on a blog post by the blogger; shattered in him. She fell in love with blogging immediately. She explored issues of religion, relationship, culture, society, spirituality, politics, and music. She is doing what she loves to do, which is writing and inspiring people to become better versions of themselves. Her goal is to add value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by providing you with life-changing, inspiring, motivating articles, blog posts, poetry, and short stories. As a life coach, consultant, Edna is focused on an individual's personal development and happiness. She is skilled at providing structured questions to help coordinate an individual's thoughts and has excellent reasoning skills for helping clients set tangible goals. She is incredibly helpful and not prudent with her knowledge. She knows what she’s doing and loves helping others to achieve their goals as well. Many of the top bloggers on WordPress and on various websites have learned from her writing style and it has helped them to get their blogs to where they are now. Her website is full of great material to help you follow in her footsteps. She has helped so many bloggers and I can’t praise her enough.  You will learn so much from her.  She has one of those sites that you can easily get lost in reading all of her amazing posts. She loves dessert especially chocolate mixed with whipped cream and strawberries. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

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