In the race to impress them, to make them happy…..
Why do we forget we have a life like others?…
Why do we cry for others?…
Why do we search for peace in others, rather than in us?….
Why are we offended by others? …
Why do we wish everything is alright with them, and not care how we feel?….
Why do we cry for others?…
Why are we so blinded by customs?…
Why is it a balance of pulling back and letting go?…
Why aren’t the feelings to and fro….
They didn’t care anyday.. 
Why do we fall for them everyday??
After all this are we really happy?
Ask yourself….
Why do we search for peace in others???
Why do we forget we own a life like others??….
     “Can someone please tell me why????

Whitney Edna Ibe is the Executive Consultant, Life & Mental Health Coach, and Writer/ Editor at Whitney Edna Ibe Consult (Blog),, The Social Talks,, and Mental Wellness Society International. She is in charge of consultations, services, and implementation.

21 Thoughts on “A Life Like Others……”

  • I think that some many people put other people’s happiness ahead of their own. There are so many questions that need to be answered in this post, and I hope I made sense with my answer to one of them.

    • Thanks purplebutterfly you did. A lot of people has placed the happiness and peace of others above theirs and am wondering if it’s even worth it cos some of these people don’t ever get to know what you have sacrificed for them. Some never get to appreciate them either. Some are just in oblivion. Thank you for commenting

  • I cannot speak for anyone else but I know when i ask questions like this it is usually because I have believed the lies that the devil has been whispering to me…..lies that I am not enough, lies that I will never be enough and the lie that I should just give up.
    That is when I am grateful that God has told me the truth and always will. That God loves me just because He does and that makes me enough.
    You are enough!

    • Awww thanks ma’am I believe this response isn’t just for me alone. There are people who needs to see and hear this. My earnest prayer is that they do. Thank you Ma’am for commenting.

  • why ask why?
    i feel the answers come from with in you, and not so much from others. you may also have to accept there may nor be any answers, or at least any that you may find acceptable.

    • Sure buddy, these questions are questions the heart and head keeps asking. Most times the answers provided may or may not suit the heart. The heart has a unique way of finding what it needs. Thank you for commenting

  • Every man or woman called to purpose must be dead to self first,which is why Jesus said “except a man lay down his life….”,in another extraction from the holy book, Jesus washed the feet if his disciples, everything can be seen from Christ’s life on earth,even to the point on the tree where he would be crucified,he cried “Eloi Eloi, Lama Sabactani”,If we’ve not come to a point in our lives where we ask these questions,then we probably ain’t destiny driven… Your questions however, tells me already that you’re prepared to lay down your ” life”,and I assure you that it comes with an excellent reward in the end, please keep the dream alive and I pray to key into this rare grace….

  • You made me think of Christ, all the things you mention, here was our Creator, right before them for many years and yet, look at the way many treated him. Amazingly those who believe, have his same spirit living within them. As long as he loves you pray for him to lead the way, guiding you in the life, with Him you have everything…including his peace and grace! I remember long ago, when I too also thought many of the same things. What you share teaches many, with the seeds they receive within
    Your Kiss Of Love
    .You died for my sins,
    While I was yet a sinner,
    You washed the darkness
    You came to me while
    I was impure, You came
    To me, and you alone
    Made me clean
    You gave me a new hope
    Of brighter days, when
    You allowed me to eat of
    Your living bread
    You brought me life,
    And wholesome was this
    New beginning, when I
    Was no longer counted
    Among the world’s
    Spiritual dead
    You died for my many
    Sins showing me a true
    Love which embraced my
    Spirit, teaching me
    What life will be like
    Each day when it’s shared
    With your grace and love
    Which now sets me free
    Genuine and selfless
    Moments now give birth
    To a special joy deep
    The moment of acceptance
    When one truly turns to
    You, causing a new life
    To now blossom and begin
    Happens when one chooses
    The path leading from
    Darkness and awakens to
    Make the choice to enter
    Into Your light
    If I am to be like You
    I must learn to humble
    Self and share with others
    The grace which fills my
    Life with delight
    There are many needing the
    Soulful nourishment in their
    Lives which sets true seekers
    Of your amazing grace free
    I thank You for this
    Life blessing and the
    Priceless spiritual
    Kiss of Your amazing
    Love which I need…
    And know from this day
    Forth You are the only
    One, whom my heart and
    Spirit will be thinking
    And each new day my prayers
    Will glorify the greatness
    Of the One true Living God.
    (Written 1972)
    Keep writing and sharing, you will blossom in a wonderful way!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have the best teacher and instructor. He is also my inspiration. Daily he unmasks his love to me. He reminds me am not guilty,am just loved.

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