Individual Counselling Session
115 USD
I offer great advice while remaining objective about the situation and circumstances surrounding my clients. In every session, I offer professional solutions and recommendations, identify unhealthy behaviour patterns that they may not be aware of and help them live a more productive life. To achieve this, I give room for teamwork, communication, and expressions. In turn building a healthy relationship becomes paramount.
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Student / Child Counselling
98 USD
I offer invaluable insight into your child's social, emotional, and mental health development. I find ways to understand the many glitches that hinder children's growth and development. My aim is to help children better interpret the issues they are experiencing or the trauma that occurred in a way they can process and understand.
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Family / Couples Counselling
326 USD
Families have always been a source of support, love and encouragement but when there is a drift or strain in the relationship, the family crumbles. Poor communications, differences, misunderstandings, in the family, should never be taken for granted or ignored. As a counsellor, I provide confidential and non-judgemental support and also allow each party to share their feelings. Together we all decide what happens next.
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Life Coaching Services


Face to Face Coaching
85 USD
Do you desire to tap into your full potential and define/achieve your goals for who you want to be and what you to do? Then, take a step and let's talk about it. I will provide that home feeling that enables that sense of calmness and peace. Every session would be worth having and engaging.
Face to Face Coaching
Single Mother's Coaching
115 USD
Every child is important and unique. You don't have to struggle alone. Take a step and let's walk the walk together. Every mother is special and unique. Including You!
Single Mother Coaching
Students Coaching
85 USD
Need a professional private home tutor for your child, ward? Someone who is industrious and hardworking? Is God fearing and dedicated? Then contact me and let me help you raise a champion. I’ve met all types of students. Loud student, quiet student, all of them. That’s the diversity of children. Take a step today!
Student Coaching with Whitney Ibe


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Professional Writing Services


Content Writing
0.15 USD per Page
New Articles (Web Related)
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Magazine / Newspaper Articles
600 USD per Article
Let Whitney Ibe writes your next Magazine articles
22.5 USD per Poem
Let Whitney Ibe writes your Poems
Content Editing
10.95 USD per page
Let Whitney Ibe edits your Content