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Hey Everyone,

You may have noticed that I haven’t written any post in a long time. Well, there is a good reason for that. I have been building my website alongside my amazing teams of hard workers. It feels so good to announce that the website is ready and I am back, but not just back, better!

After many months of silence, sweats, hard work and dedication, I am excited to officially announce the launch of my new website on October 30, 2019! I invite you all, my precious fans, friends, and family to visit me at

I have built my new website with you in mind. The simplified user interface provides a more interactive experience, allowing my colleagues, partners, clients and prospects to easily find the information they are looking for. Visitors can browse the website based on their own interests to meet my team and learn more about my services, explore my project portfolio, work sessions, and see how I give back to our communities.

Whitney ibe blog (Consult) strives to make a positive impact on the communities where I live and work. I invite you to connect with me on Linkedin-, Twitter -@ednaibe79, Instagram – and, on Google business – You can also leave a review for me on Google business Additionally, please be sure to check the various sections of my website for updates, blog posts, counselling sections, and company’s stories, successes and the latest information. The juicy part is, you get to know more about me.

I hope that you enjoy the fresh look and feel of my updated website and find that this portal serves a valuable resource for you. A big thank you to you all, my fans, friends, family, subscribers, colleagues, advocates, for sticking with me all through these years. Your love and support got me this far. There would be no me to know without you all. To my website developer, Emmanuel Adewale, thank you for being the best friend any girl could ever have. You captured my dream and sketched it out perfectly. You are a rare gem. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in making my website a reality.

For comments, inquiries, suggestions, and questions, please leave a message in the comment box or contact me at Your comments are of inestimable value.

Thank you for making the journey worthwhile! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Blessings and Love

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My name is Whitney Edna ibe. I’m thrilled you’re here because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a life we love out of what we do. I’m first and foremost a child of God. I’m passionate about glorifying Him and making the most of my days on his earth. All I have and all I am is thanks to my creator and redeemer. I’m also a graduate of the University of Benin and Lagos, a sister to four, a wife to be to the best man on earth and daughter to the best parents ever. My goal is to add value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by providing you with life-changing, inspiring, motivating articles, poetry and short stories. I am a writer, an educator, a motivational speaker and writer, a life coach and an emotional recovery therapist/counsellor. A perfectionist, optimistic all the time. Simple and always happy. I love staying up late, I seem to be more productive after 9: pm. I love dessert especially chocolate mixed with whipped cream and strawberries. I love to listen to good music, cook delicious food, and spend time at the beach. I hope you will stay in touch by signing up through the link below.

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