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Hi dear,

Let Go and allow me to stir up issues of truth lying dormant deep within you. There is so much potential within you not fully utilized, nor awakened. Even though the process may be uncomfortable to you at times, know it will bear good fruit in your life and will do so in ways that are not optional, nor contingent

There are specific aspects of your growth and development that avail themselves to you in a variety of means. But there are also other aspects within you that have no substitute for the manner in which they must be awakened, or developed. Even though you may not always understand all the complexities of the day and all you are experiencing with various pressures on every side, know that I have full perspective and full understanding of all these things, and even more.

Release your worry concerning what is unknown, and rest in the comfort of my leadership and governance in your life. Rest in my light and easy yoke, and do not continue to worry or fear about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Enjoy what I have planted deep within your heart and do not continue to seek answers outside of me. Do not continue in the error of the ways of your forefathers, but embrace reality and truth.
My ways are not your ways, so do not be offended because they seem different and foreign to you. But instead acknowledge they are different in their concept, different in their application, and different in their results, and embrace them.

Embrace these differences, for these are the very differences you need. You need and desire the results these differences produce, so be slow to discard what you do not understand, what seems to be unusual or odd in its initial encounter, or what is altogether different than what traditions or conventional wisdom would prescribe to you. For I am giving you the very things you need, the very things that will preserve and prosper you, the very things that will protect you and keep you safe.
To be continued………

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My name is Whitney Edna ibe. I’m thrilled you’re here because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to make a life we love out of what we do. I’m first and foremost a child of God. I’m passionate about glorifying Him and making the most of my days on his earth. All I have and all I am is thanks to my creator and redeemer. I’m also a graduate of the University of Benin and Lagos, a sister to four, a wife to be to the best man on earth and daughter to the best parents ever. My goal is to add value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by providing you with life-changing, inspiring, motivating articles, poetry and short stories. I am a writer, an educator, a motivational speaker and writer, a life coach and an emotional recovery therapist/counsellor. A perfectionist, optimistic all the time. Simple and always happy. I love staying up late, I seem to be more productive after 9: pm. I love dessert especially chocolate mixed with whipped cream and strawberries. I love to listen to good music, cook delicious food, and spend time at the beach. I hope you will stay in touch by signing up through the link below.

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  1. 007dq
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    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI like the way u write. Awesome

  2. Ben Aqiba
    | Reply

    Hello Whitney,
    I can wait to read next chapter of this great post. You said it well “tomorrow will worry about itself”. This is a strong message for us.For humans. We love worries a lot .But in fact we have only today.Yesterday is past, tomorrow is future, only now is real.Thank you

  3. TinderellaAnna
    | Reply

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsGreat advice! Well done.
    Thank you for following my story. I hope to get some feedback and ideas from you. xx

    • Whitneyibeblog
      | Reply

      You are most welcome and yes you will. Have a great day.

    • Whitneyibeblog
      | Reply

      Your site is no longer available. Do you have a new one now? Pls do send me the link thank you.

  4. TinderellaAnna
    | Reply

    Thanks! 😀

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