In Dillema? Not To Worry!

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In the busyness of this day allow me to comfort you in your efforts. For though you do not always know the outcome, and do not always understand the process in the moment, you have said yes to my spirit, and yes to my leadership. You have said yes to me, and have followed my guidance in your life, so let me commend you for doing so.
Let me affirm your intentions and your obedience, because I know sometimes the road is long, difficult, and confusing. Let me commend you in moving in the right direction, in not only hearing my voice, but also in putting yourself into action as you did.

I know there are many days in which you ask yourself if this is all worth it. I know you ask yourself if you really have heard from me. I know you ask if you are crazy, foolish, or naive for following me and following my ways. I know at times it is difficult to follow an invisible God, one you cannot see with your eyes, nor touch with your hands. So let me commend you for hearing my voice, following my direction, and following my ways.
But let me also affirm to you that your decision will be well rewarded, both here and now today, but also tomorrow, in greater things yet to come. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived of all that I have placed within you, and all that will be displayed, manifested, and demonstrated through you. Even though you will have to make a choice, know your choice will be rewarded generously and extravagantly, and will not be overlooked or forgotten.

Let me also affirm you will surely encounter difficulty along the way. Do not be surprised or disillusioned when your path is slow going, or you encounter hardship, or when you cannot clearly see the end in sight. All these things are normal, and natural. All these things will surely come. So do not give up. Do not become weary in well doing, but continue to persevere, for though you encounter trouble in this world, take heart for I have overcome the world.
Don’t be confused, i got your back and I love you just the way you are. “If I’m saying it, I’m saying it very loud and i won’t let you down….My name? I Am!

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  1. Itanamara Santarem
    | Reply

    Very nice your post.😉

  2. kawsreflections
    | Reply

    Beautiful. I needed this more than you’ll ever know. I love you and I’ve always got your back just like GOD has ours!!

    • Whitneyibeblog
      | Reply

      Thanks dear. It gladden my heart to hear you say that. Love you and I’ve got your back too.

  3. AdriannaJ
    | Reply

    My God, this made me smile! And not because it just sounds good but because it’s TRUE! God is good!…Awesome work my friend!

    • Whitneyibeblog
      | Reply

      It felt good writing it my dear. Thanks a lot for your kind words, it warmed my heart.

      • AdriannaJ
        | Reply

        You’re most certainly welcome!

  4. fafews
    | Reply

    Oh yeah!

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