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Heaven… You will not be in heaven two seconds before you cry out, why did I place so much importance … Read More

Have You Got Barely Enough? Just Enough? Or More Than Enough?
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Have you got barely enough? Just got enough? Have more than enough? Is it just me hearing this, a friend … Read More

It’s Never Too Late For You To Do Something Great With Your Life.
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It’s Never Too Late For You To Do Something Great With Your Life. If there’s anything I love about God, … Read More

Morning Reflections For Today
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Hello everyone. My reflection for today is, “invest in people’s lives”. One serious problem I have come to see under … Read More

The ills Of Sexual Addictions
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Sexual addiction is a roller coaster with all kinds of negative acts. It is an obsessive preoccupation and compulsive acting-out … Read More

Never Stop Being Your Best
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Keep being your best no matter what comes your way. Here’s the key: I have learned that in a split … Read More

Morning Reflection For Today
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My morning reflection for today is “approach God with care”. As you enter the house of God today, approach him … Read More

Stop Mixing Your Performance With Your Personality
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We must learn to stop mixing our performances with our personality. Sadly, very often we find ourselves broken down when … Read More

What Is Truth?
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What is truth? Can one’s belief affect the truth? Is the truth really out there? All this talk of truth … Read More

Nigeria At 59 2019!
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She is 59 years old today! Another milestone, another independence to be celebrated. Despite every storm, glitches, she made it, … Read More

Say Hello To My New Website
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Hey Everyone, You may have noticed that I haven’t written any post in a long time. Well, there is a … Read More

The Importance Of Respecting And Valuing Other People In Life.
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The importance of respecting and valuing other people in life can never be over emphasized. Respect is one basic value … Read More

Conquering Your Fears…
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Hi everyone, We all must learn to conquer our fears regardless of how big or small they may appear to … Read More

Just For Her…
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Hi dear, Let Go and allow me to stir up issues of truth lying dormant deep within you. There is … Read More

The Sun..
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  My grandmother used to say, ” count your blessings while the sun is up and….” She never used to … Read More

My Love…
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People will pretend to care just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand … Read More

Fly Before You Fall….
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  A wise man once said; Before you can discover what God has called you to do, or reach your … Read More

The Constance Of His Love…
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  I have set your feet on solid ground, and have established you in my love. I have set you … Read More

The Journey Continues at 57!
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Happy independence day to my country Nigeria. Today marks an important day in our lives as a people and as … Read More

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